Overview of Money Jar Slots

Have you ever had a “money jar,” a receptacle where you deposited spare change until it was full and then spent the money on something you didn’t really need? Was the amount they forked out noticeably higher or lower than what you had anticipated? The slot machine we’ll be discussing today is called Money Jar and it was developed by a company called Slotmill. Money Jar is a true mash-up, a who’s who of various well-known online slot games packaged into one jazzy one. Also included are Win Respins, Countdown Wilds, Extra Chances, a Money Jar Bonus Game, a suite of Fast Track choices, and a Money Jar.

On the opening screen, the player is standing outside of what appears to be a low-key members-only club, but upon entering, they are transported to a private casino with a roaring atmosphere reminiscent of the 1930s. The game strongly evokes Cuphead and Charlie Chance, both of which feature cartoon characters with a dark side and the ability to come to life when given a face. An upright bassist and a drummer play jazz standards in a corner of the room, and a number of humorous sound effects have been included into the loop. The club where the action unfolds is a great spot to go for a few spins or even simply to snap your fingers to the beat and take in the atmosphere.

Playing through the Money Jar slot machine’s bonus game several times confirmed my first opinion that it is a highly volatile machine. For qualifying customers, the game offers free spins and additional Fast Track options with varying theoretical return values, however the base game has a theoretical return value of 96.09%. You may play at the Slotmill Social Club with as little as 20 pence per spin or as much as £/€30, and you can use any device you choose.

The game has 6 reels and 6 rows, giving players 46,656 possible combinations. Typical symbols can appear stacked and pay from left to right, beginning with the reel on the far left. In descending order of payout for a full house, the lowest paying symbols are the J through A card ranks (0.25x the wager for 6 of a kind), followed by the mid-value dice, cards, chips, and reels (0.6x the bet for 6 of a kind). In the end, there are four different symbols that pay out between 1.2 and 3.5 times the wager for a full house. Here, Wilds proved beneficial because they may stand in for any other icon than Coins and Money Jars.

Slot Machine Features: Cash Jar

Money Jar, like most Slotmill slots, comes with a plethora of bonus features. In this section, you’ll discover features like Win Respins, Countdown Wilds, the Money Jar & Coin-Grab Feature, Second Chances, a Bonus Game, a Fast Track, and a Burst Mode.

Get Extra Turns

Payouts for winning combinations are followed by a respin of all matching symbols. All of the reels have the same pay symbol, wilds, or Money Jars on them before the respin begins. As long as successful combinations keep showing, Win Respins will be rewarded.

Timer Animals

It’s possible for wilds to appear on the board with a number in the bottom right corner. This is the maximum number of times wilds can contribute to a win before they are replaced. One is subtracted from the total after each Win Respin.

Money Box with Coin Scoop

On the first spin, the Money Jar Bonus symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 5, however during the Respins, it may appear on any reel. Locked Coin symbols are wild in the base game and can occur on any reel. If there were any visible Money Jars at the conclusion of the Respins and there were no more wins, the values of any nearby Coin Symbols would be awarded. Values in neighboring money jars are added together.

Chance Increased

When the Respins round ends and there are still two Money Jars visible, the Extra Chance bonus game is activated. Only Coins or more Money Jars can land in the positions next to the Money Jars when they respin.

Free Money Jar Game Bonus

The Money Jar Bonus Game is activated when 3 or 4 Money Jar symbols are landed. Each spin of the wheel causes one of your three lives to vanish. If you lose all of your lives during a round, landing a heart symbol will bring your Life Meter back to three. When you play the Money Jar Bonus Game, you’ll use a unique set of reels where wilds and standard payouts don’t appear. Coins, Money Jars, Magnets, and Payers that are next to the Money Jars are collected when the spin comes to a halt. After a spin, the location of the Money Jar symbols will randomly change. The final step is to distribute the sum total of the Money Jars. A number of unusual signs may occur, functioning as follows:

All currently displayed symbols’ values are multiplied by two.

All visible symbols’ values are increased by the Payer.

At the start of each spin, the Magnet will gather all of the Coins in view and store them until the Money Jar is full.

Regular Paying Symbol – Its value is added to those of all other visible symbols after each spin.

Magnet that never gives up snatching up all the visible Coins at the start of each spin. It’s something that Money Jars may take from you more than once.

In a Hurry

To quickly access Money Jar’s features, click the corresponding Feature Buy Fast Track button.

A round of play with 2+ Countdown Wilds may be purchased for 5x the stake. (RTP 96.22%)

Guaranteed 3+ Countdown Wilds for only 20x your wager every game round! (RTP 96.29%)

30x the stake ensures a round in which both Money Jars are filled. (RTP 96.4%)

For an additional 100 times your wager, you can play the bonus game.

Mode de Burst

Money Jar’s Burst Mode speeds up the game’s pace. Here, you may play without any visual effects by selecting a wager and a desired number of spins. The game only executes its engine and shows off any victories.

Slot Machine Results Jar

It’s clear that a lot of time and effort was put into making Money Jar, and it shows: the game is fun and satisfying in many ways. The shady characters and cartoonish casino decor reminiscent of the 1930s are a lot of fun. Slotmill has mastered the ambiance of a vintage Mickey Mouse club; upon entering, the sounds of whiskey glasses clinking and slot machines kaching can be heard in the background, and you can practically smell the cigar smoke. It’s a pleasant setting, like a gambling take on classic cartoons.

Money Jar has its own distinct character, but players won’t have to wait long before they start noticing allusions to other slot machines. Jammin’ Jars and its sequel are the first of their kind because of the moniker. The only similarity between the two games is the appearance of face-shaped jars on the grid. Money Jar is a ways game with jars that accumulate Coins rather of the more exciting Jammin’ Jars, which gives thrills by multiplying the daylights out of cluster victories. Chip Spin, a slot machine by Relax Gaming, had a similar casino concept and was thus a closer comparison. Money Jar is more discrete and private than Chip Spins’ Vegas-style approach. The Money Jar Bonus Game is comparable to the Chip Spin Bonus Game due to the presence of Money Train-like symbols.

Since the bonus rounds in Money Jar were challenging in the review, it might be wise to try out a free version before making a purchase. Since individual Coins weren’t usually worth much, it was difficult to build up big winning totals without the Heart symbol, which was essential since three spins may conclude quite rapidly. Money Jar Bonus Round lacked the unexpected explosiveness of Chip Spin, and even after repeatedly slamming the bonus purchase button like a mad violinist, breaking even was unusual. Extra lives and getting a couple of the special symbols helped. Money Jar advertises prizes of up to 20,000 times the first wager, so perhaps lady luck was not on our side. It’s hard to determine whether the odds of it happening are higher during a big spin/respin sequence in the regular game or during an awesome bonus round when everything goes as planned.

Although Money Jar lacks the excitement and star power of The Big Hit, it nonetheless has many redeeming features. Money Jar is a fun and engaging game because of its charming art style, many customization choices, high-quality audio and video, and charming 1930s Betty Boop setting.






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